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2019 – 2020 Season

General Info

The CH50+HL gives senior hockey players a chance to play competitive hockey on Friday nights in a recreational setting.

Plans are for 4 teams, with each team having up to 13 skaters plus a goalie. If enough players sign up, then the League may expand to 6 teams with 12 – 13 players each. See below under “Registration” for more info.

The schedule is slated to have 21 regular season games. All teams will make the playoffs. There will also be pre-season, holiday, and end-of-season open skates.

The emphasis is on good clean hockey. Anyone who persists in dangerous play or abuse of officials or other players after one warning may be ejected from the League with no refund of fees.

The standard fee for new players is $400, which includes socks, home and away jerseys, and a $5 credit card processing fee.

Returning players who aren’t buying new socks or jerseys will pay $305, which consists of a $300 ice time fee plus an extra $5 processing fee.

Goalies in full pads are not charged any fee, unless they want a jersey.

Goalies must register manually with a traditional hard copy registration form.

See below under “Scheduling,” “Fees” and “Registration” for more info.

Player Eligibility Rules

The League is open to the following players:

1. “B” and “C” 50 + Skaters. Intermediate and novice (“B” and “C”) skaters (men and women) who are at least 50 years of age by December 31, 2019.

2. Some Women Under 50 and Men Between 47 – 50. Women skaters under age 50 and men skaters between ages 47 and 50 if those persons appear to be a good fit based on their skill levels and the overall competitive balance of the League.

3. Goalies. Goalies can be of any age if approved to play by the League.

Advanced “A” level skaters will not be allowed to enter or continue in the League.

Because goalies rotate between teams, advanced “A” level goalies may be admitted to the League on a permanent or substitute basis if it appears likely that they won’t adversely affect the League’s overall competitive balance during the course of a full season.


Each team will play approximately 21 games, one game per week, with games on Friday nights on both Cleveland Heights rinks. Some Fridays will be off due to holidays, weather conditions, rink conflicts, or other rink-related issues. In addition, all teams will qualify for the playoffs.

Games typically start between 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Some starts will be as late as 11:00 p.m., but the rink tries not to give us these late starts whenever possible.

We have pre-season ice for scrimmage and player evaluations each Friday starting on 2019 September 13. New, prospective, and returning players are welcome to these skates. We plan to start the season 2019 October 11.


The fees for 2019 – 2020 are as follows:

1. Ice Time Fees + Socks and Blue/White Jerseys. The all-inclusive registration fee (for ice time, blue home jersey, white visitor jersey, and socks) for new players is $400, broken down as follows:

Ice Time: $300
Regular Home Jersey – Blue: $40
Regular Away Jersey – White: $40
Regular Socks (white): $15
Total: $395 + $5 processing fee = $400


  • All players should have blue and white league jerseys.
  • Add $3.50 per jersey if your size is 3XL. If you buy 2 jerseys at size 3XL and socks, then your total fee will be $407.

2. Ice Time Only. Returning players who are not buying any jerseys or socks will pay only the ice time fee of $300 plus a $5 processing fee for a total of $305.

3. Optional St. Pat’s Jerseys and Socks. For those who are interested, we have optional St. Patrick’s Day jerseys and socks. Nobody has to buy these St. Pat’s items. However, if you want them, they’re available to add to your purchase as follows:

St. Pat’s Home Jersey – Green with white trim: $40
St. Pat’s Away Jersey – White with green trim: $40
St. Pat’s Socks (green): $15.00

The St. Pat’s jerseys will have the normal league crest in front and a shamrock shoulder patch.
Players may use the green jersey on nights their team is normally assigned blue.


Registration will be fully electronic this year for all players except goalies.

To register, go to the registration button and follow the prompts.

Also, subject to player eligibility and disciplinary rules, the following apply:

• The first 52 skaters to sign up will be guarantied a spot. This translates into 4 teams with 13 skaters apiece.

• Whether additional skaters will be assigned roster spots depends on whether we have enough skaters to add 2 additional teams.

Refund Policies

No refund will be granted unless requested by e-mail on or before *2019 October 10. *

Send any refund request to the league commissioner at:

Refunds will be limited to ice time fees. If you buy jerseys and/or socks, you keep them.

We need a firm cut-off date because we pay the rink our entire annual ice time fee on a per skater basis, and usually do so by or shortly after the start of the regular season. Once we pay the rink, the money is gone, so we can’t get it back to pay you a refund.

When e-mailing a refund request, please have your e-mail system ask for a “read receipt” or “delivery receipt.” This is for your protection. If there’s any doubt about when you sent an e-mail, the League will conclusively presume that you didn’t timely ask for a refund.

All refunds are subject to a $10 processing charge.

Past Announcements

Construction Notice

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The Cleveland Heights 50+ Hockey League is Under Renovation.
Updates to follow.

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